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Chris is a natural-born psychic medium whom communicates directly with the spirit world, to bring you empowerment. Whilst he is one of the youngest spirit messengers in the UK, Chris has accumulated a wealth of experience from his public ‘platform’ mediumship work and the thousands of clients he has helped internationally. Chris has been communicating with his spirit guides since childhood, and has been delivering messages of guidance and love from the spirit world since just 16 years of age, with intergrity and compassion. Adopting a ‘no tools’ approach, Chris requires no information to deliver evidential readings in intricate detail that repeatedly astound and amaze. He can quickly hone in on the truth of your life situations and deliver you personal messages from your loved one's in the spirit world.




Chris handles his gifts with the utmost respect and integrity, and he recognizes that spiritual development is a lifelong journey. Helping others is his passion and he believes in self-empowerment and personal growth.  Chris can also help you to tap into your own psychic abilities so that you are more able to rely on your own intuition for positive outcomes. As Chris facilitates communication and blends with the other world, allow him to bring you guidance, awaken your mind and enhance the quality of your life.

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Are you feeling stuck, or looking for guidance in your life?

Are you looking to connect to those you have lost, in the spirit world?

Featured Testimonial  ''Where to start, I have spent a long time and a loooot of money trying to achieve what Chris was able to, in a twenty minute mediumship reading. Do not be fooled by his years of experience or youth, neither affected the reading in fact I have consulted with a lot of readers who are 30 plus years doing this and none left me as wide eyed as Chris. Chris was able to connect with all of my loved ones and confirmed each one so well that I had no doubts, I knew that they were there and speaking to me through Chris. Chris works quickly, he does not waste your time and all of his questions are hits, my screen had yes all the way to the bottom, not even the smallest quirky detail was off point. I really do hope that others find their way to your room Chris, you have given me a sense of peace that is priceless. If anyone is considering private, please just do it, because it might possibly be the best thing you ever did, I know i will be back :) Thank you again, you have given me so much and i have been asked for so very little in return, i am so grateful xx'' - Oonagh